A quick spin on organic and sustainable personal care trends

The two widely used words infused in our lives today are, ORGANIC and SUSTAINABILITY. Why so? We as environmentally conscious individuals have realised the harm and damage that plastic and synthetic products and ingredients have resulted.

We now automatically check the ingredient lists, hunt for organic alternatives, and focus on sustainable packaging more than ever before. We can now proudly say, we have embraced the organic personal care product revolution.

 Use of chemicals in production has become a strict no-no for many industries, releasing their own range of eco-friendly and sustainable products. An industry that has undergone some of the most radical changes in its processes is the personal care segment, with the introduction of organic, natural, vegan and cruelty – free products.

Many brands have come out with super cool and fresh innovations like waterless beauty, up-cycling, carbon neutrality and reusable or refillable packaging findings.

Let’s explore 10 of the latest sustainable solutions

1. Novelty and Innovation is the “in thing”

1. The best thing about innovation - it helps save time, money and the planet. Shampoo bars are amongst many of the creations that re-appeared on the beauty scene with more alternatives available than earlier. The removal of plastic shampoo bottles (not all) has in some way given their liquid counterparts a run for their money.

2. At the grass roots - One of the really popular trends, is discontinuing sketchy remedies to fix skin issues, and boosting its immunity from within. Make a change by tossing out chemicals. 

3. A personal touch never did any harm - We are all individualistic and have varying needs when it comes to personal care. While generic brands usually neglect this aspect, the good news is that bold lifesavers amongst us have created and are still creating products that address specific needs. What worked? These were tried and tested, developed by people who had the same unique issues. 

4. Good old customs - Growing up, most of us outrightly refused natural solutions for everything, from dandruff to breakouts that our mothers would lovingly propose. But as it turns out, mother always knows best. Going back to nature and rediscovering that it has everything you need for great skin and hair left us thinking, what was all that unwanted drama. Turmeric, for instance, can help treat your dandruff, fenugreek can diminish dark circles while coconut oil can heal cuticles.

5. Forget not the men - Its great to see that personal care trends did not forget the men and freethinkers as well. Be it beard oilbalm or haircare products in general; the beauty industry has become more inclusive than ever.

6. Animal and planet friendly - Buying cruelty-free make-up and skincare products is so much for convenient now, and its nice to see people realise that they can switch to these options, without letting go of their luxuries.

7. Haircare echoes too - It’s not just creams and make-up. Hair care too is seeing a new variety of niche products that are natural, sustainable and eco-friendly. Plus, there is a growing interest in creating products in previously forgotten areas, such as scalp irritation and well-being

8. Self-Indulgence - Home spa treatments are much sought after and they continue do so. Folks decided to give a rest to their wallets, and indulge in soothing spa sessions right in the comfort of their home.

9. You are what you eat - It’s an on-going battle with eating and looking right, but a spike in the number of people wanting to alter their diets for better skin and hair health, has never been higher. Actively looking for herbs, roots and fruits, which could improve the quality of skin and hair is still what we continue to seek. Jatamansi is one such wonder-herb while Ashwagandha, Shatavari and Brahmi are other examples. 

10. Biodegradability is vital - Pressing for green alternatives, biodegradability is amongst the crucial trends. This means we are not only looking for natural and sustainable products, but we ensure that the containers they come in, can be safely disposed of and even nurture the soil in some cases.

Remember, Sustainability will never go out of fashion, as long as we come together to ensure the natural route is the best and only route to a wholesome and blooming lifestyle, we know for a fact we are safe, sound, and secure.

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Written By - Melodee Austin