How to Select the Right Lighting for Your Home Interior

Selecting the right lighting for home interiors just got easier! This is the ultimate residential lighting guide you need to ace home interior design.

Imagine a room designed with the best-in-class finishes and furniture, but it has no light! Would you be able to appreciate the interiors of that room? We understand that your answer would be a straight “no.” That’s because even the best materials and forms need light to be seen. Hence, lighting design is fundamental for every interior design project. It not only illuminates a space but it enhances the aesthetics.


Both indoor and outdoor lighting have tremendously evolved from being just a functional element; it is now an object of decor. Gone are the days of the classic tube light and ceiling light. It’s the era of accented smart home lighting. For today’s millennial population, lights are a statement piece. Be it wall washers, cove lighting, or lamps, the concept of exquisite lighting is fast catching up! And, you certainly can’t miss this trend because lights can beautifully uplift your home interiors.

Why it is Important to Select the Right Lighting Product


Every home interior is unique, so its light requirements are also different. You can choose the right lighting product for your home based on:

  • The purpose of having light in a space
  • The amount of natural light your house receives
  • The kind of mood a space wants to depict
  • The focus you need on a wall or object

Selecting a lighting product based on the above parameters will elevate your design. It will let you own your space by using light as an expression of your personality. It also helps to break the monotony of plain walls by adding character to a space. This is what, we believe, makes a good home interior design. Thus, at homeLove, we provide home decor fitments and lighting. Through our products, we create personal and unique spaces for every homeowner.

All About Lighting

Light selection is a daunting yet fun task. While selecting the lights for a room, try to shortlist the lights that appear to be of the same visual appeal. For instance, if your house is themed around rustic interior design, then you should select lights that look bulky, rough, and raw. Every lighting product you select must justify its placement in the house. You need to make sure that no space is very brightly lit. Also, the color of light plays a major role in the place's mood setting. So, do a thorough Reiki of your home and choose lights that will best suit your needs. Lighting is broadly classified as:


  • Direct lighting: These lights are direct sources for illuminating a space. For example, spot and track lights.
  • Indirect lighting: It is hidden within a channel and acts as an indirect source of light. For example, cove lights.
  • Accent lighting: They are directed towards the wall to highlight a texture or artwork. For example, wall washers.
  • Decorative lighting: It is used for ornamental purposes to enhance space aesthetics. For example, chandeliers and pendant lighting.


Considering these lighting categories, homeLove provides a range of lighting products that will help you brighten up your home. Below are some remarkable contemporary lighting products you can’t miss.

A Complete Guide to Lighting Solutions

●       Table lamps


They are a “people’s favorite” lighting product to adorn the side tables in modern houses. They are widely used as reading lamps used to complement the primary source of light in the room. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, lampshades, and materials. Nightstands and study tables in bedroom interior design are also a good spot to place them.  A table lamp provides comfort or ambient lighting which adds warmth to a space; especially with the work from home culture, table lamps have seen a rise in market demand. If you are looking for table lamps that suit modern houses, then you must have a look at these products from homeLove. Buffet, Arc, Tripod, Piano, and Boom arm are a few of the most popular kinds of table lamps you can consider for homes with contemporary interior design.

●       Floor lamps


Visiting the market for table and floor lamps selection is a delight for any designer. Floor lamps are a great pair for a house with a modern interior. Huge floor lamps are mostly placed alongside the couch arrangement in living rooms. They are also a preferred lighting product for study rooms and work studios. A floor lamp is a bold statement-making piece in the room and is thus an instant mood-setter. You need to consider the scale of your room, furniture layout, and floor space while selecting floor lamps. They are available in a variety of materials, ranging from metal and wood to marble. Be it an arching floor lamp or a club lamp, you can now choose the latest design from our excellent range of floor lamps that you can view here.

●       Task lamps


As the name suggests, task lighting is used for increasing the amount of light enabling people to do a task. Task lights help people to focus on an activity irrespective of whether the whole room is lit or not. They are an extension of the range of table lamps. Their distinguishing factor is that the light-emitting from task lamps is more focused on a surface. Table lamps can or cannot focus on a plane, depending upon their design. A task lamp can be wall or table mounted, depending upon the home interior design. A bedroom light is often complemented with a task light on the bedside for activities such as reading and writing. Here are some sleek task lamp designs you must check out.

●       Chandeliers


If you want to add grandeur to a modern house interior, then chandeliers are a suitable lighting solution. A lux living room design is incomplete without a chandelier. They are usually mounted on the ceiling of the living area, stairwell, or dining area. A chandelier for modern houses should be less ornamented and non-bulky. Alternatively, if your living room is double-height, you can go for ornamented chandeliers. homeLove provides a variety of slender and ornate chandelier designs, which you can check out here. Crystal, Sputnik, and Drum are popular categories of chandeliers for modern lighting solutions. Even if your house has a small carpet area, you can opt for mini chandeliers to light up the space.

We are certain that the above ideas will help you select the right lighting for your home interior design. You can find more of our lighting design ideas, inspiration, and consultation at You can also have a look at our exclusive collection of lighting products here. To stay updated about our latest additions to home decor products, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.