Lamps Create Warm And Cozy Spaces - 7 Ways To Make Those Perfectly Lit Spots

The difference between your fillings on a gloomy rainy day and a radiant spring day comes from just the lights. While we cannot influence the natural flow of light, we can easily mimic the better scenario within our homes.

The times when we were happy just to have illumination are long gone. Today we use lights for various reasons. Sometimes we require sun-bright light to facilitate our reading or our hobbies. Sometimes we want to make a statement – say as with a massive chandelier. Sometimes we just want to be fashionable and give that industrial look to our living room. Sometimes we need just some light to guide us along a corridor and evade bumping into corners. However, from the many uses of light, it is the warmth and coziness which are most sought after. Here is a quick guide on how to achieve coziness just by choosing your lamps correctly

1. Use lamps created from natural materials

Organic materials by themselves radiate warmth and coziness. Just add light and these feelings are multiplied. Use lamps made from wood, iron, and natural canvas. You will create areas in your home with a cozy appeal. 

2. Use floor lamps

Overhead chandeliers are great for giving any room a focal point and overhead illumination. However, should you need a cozy warmly lit space, the floor lamp will provide a much better solution. Floor lamps provide indirect evasive lighting, which spurs discrete comfort. Interestingly enough, floor lamps may provide the same effect in various corners of your home. All you need to do is move them about.    

3. Use lamps to create spaces

You may use an indirect lighting lamp (be it grown or table) to divide areas within your home. The light will not be very strong and will gently fade away, the further you move from your lamp. Thus you are creating a small island of light amidst a sea of darkness. Naturally, people will huddle in the cozy island of light, feeling protected from the darkness.

4. Light a fire

You may use lamps to re-create the warm and cozy feel of a wood-burning fireplace. The lamp needs not to be one with artificial flames. Rather aim that the colors of the canvas and the illumination area are in the warm fire spectrum – yellow, orange, and red. Our subconsciousness will patch up the rest. You may cuddle in front of the fire, without a real fire around.

5. Install sconces

Back in the day, these used to hold candles and provide just some illumination to guide you along the way – say along a corridor. Today you may find similar electrical sconces. Install them along your wall and you will create a genuine cozy feeling lost in time in your whole room.

6. Use light diffusion

Our aim is not to achieve bright illumination, but quite the contrary – to provide warm and welcoming light. One of the ways to achieve this easily is to select lamp pieces that provide light diffusion. Thus you will create an all-engulfing aura of warm and cozy light. 

7. Use dimmer devices

Should you be pressed for space and not have enough to experiment with the above solutions, you can have just one single bright lamp equipped with a dimmer device. In this way, you may enjoy bright reading illumination when needed and easily transition to a romantically dimmed interior.

These are only a few tips suggested and choices are endless. Feel free to explore, experiment, and find new ways in which lamps can create a warm and cozy ambiance.


Written By -  Ruchika Bhargav