Homelove Rostem Pottery

Rs. 4,790
Features: Eternal Elegance: This vase is a minimalistic masterpiece, with a design that pays homage to the simplicity and elegance inherent in Persian culture. Its form is pure and undistracted, allowing the color to shine. Persian Palette: The deep black glaze, a nod to the night skies over the Persian desert, imbues the vase with an air of mystery and intrigue. The velvety finish invites both touch and admiration. Artisanal Excellence: Crafted by skilled potters, the Rostem Vase embodies the essence of craftsmanship that has been revered for centuries in Persian art. The expertise of the artisans shines through in the vase's flawless finish. Versatile Sophistication: This vase is an epitome of refined style and minimalistic sophistication. It can seamlessly complement a wide range of interior designs, from modern and contemporary to classic and timeless. Cultural Reverence: The Rostem: Persian Noir Collection Vase is an understated homage to Persian culture and aesthetics. It allows you to bring the elegance and timelessness of Persia into your home without the need for intricate motifs. The Rostem: Persian Noir Collection Vase invites you to savor the beauty of Persian culture in its purest form. It is a testament to the lasting impact of Persian design and the ability to convey elegance through simplicity. This vase is a symbol of the quiet grandeur that resides in Persian art and is a captivating addition to your home or collection.

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