Homelove Khorasan Pottery

Rs. 6,590
Description: The Khorasan Vase, a part of our Sands of Elegance Collection, is a tribute to the enchanting landscapes and tranquil ambience of the Khorasan region. It encapsulates the subtle yet profound charm of the area through its unembellished design and the warm beige hues reminiscent of its desert sands. Features: Desert Elegance: The vase's design is inspired by the sweeping dunes and tranquil beauty of the Khorasan desert. Its clean and graceful lines exude a sense of timeless simplicity. Sands of Khorasan: The vase's beige color palette evokes the soft and warm tones of Khorasan's desert sands. The glaze adds a soft luster to the surface, reminiscent of the play of light on the arid landscapes. Craftsmanship: Meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, the Khorasan Vase embodies the principles of precision and artistry, showcasing the subtle nuances of its design with understated grace. Versatile Tranquility: This vase's refined elegance complements a wide range of interior styles, bringing a touch of tranquil sophistication to any space, from contemporary to traditional. Cultural Connection: The Khorasan: Sands of Elegance Collection Vase is a testament to the serene beauty of the Khorasan region and allows you to incorporate a touch of its natural and cultural essence into your home.

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